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+ Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser AC CH

Malcolm Fraser is a former Prime Minister of Australia who has worked with other former heads of state and government to promote a nuclear-weapon-free world.

+ John Landy AC CVO MBE

John Landy is a former Olympic track athlete and former Governor of Victoria.



+ Dr Bill Williams (Chair)

Bill Williams is a general practitioner who has written extensively on men’s health, race relations and health aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle. He is a past president of the Medical Association for Prevention of War and past councillor of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

+ Prof. Fred Mendelsohn AO (Secretary)

Fred Mendelsohn is one of Australia’s most prominent neuroscientists. He was elected to the Australian Academy of Science in 2003 and received the Order of Australia in 2004, and was director of the Howard Florey Institute at the University of Melbourne until 2008.

+ Dr Peter Karamoskos (Treasurer)

Peter Karamoskos is a nuclear radiologist in private practice. He serves as the public representative on the Radiation Health Committee of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

+ A/Prof. Tilman Ruff AM

Tilman Ruff is an infectious diseases and public health physician at the University of Melbourne and Co-Chair of ICAN’s International Steering Group. He is also Co-President of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

+ Dr Sue Wareham OAM

Sue Wareham is a GP and former president of the Medical Association for Prevention of War. She has played an active part in the peace and anti-nuclear movement since the 1980s, and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia.

+ Dave Sweeney

Dave Sweeney has been active in the uranium mining and nuclear debate for over two decades through his work with the media, trade unions and environment groups on mining, resource and Indigenous issues. He is a national nuclear campaigner with the Australian Conservation Foundation.

+ Catriona Standfield

Catriona Standfield is an active advocate for nuclear disarmament, gender equality and youth empowerment. She is the UN Youth Association of Australia’s International Year of Youth coordinator and has been selected as UNIFEM Australia’s youth delegate to the Commission on the Status of Women.



+ Tim Wright (Campaign Director)

Tim Wright has been involved in ICAN since 2006. He coordinated the campaign’s global advocacy at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference in 2010 and now serves on the International Steering Group. He has degrees in law and arts from the University of Melbourne.

Email: tim@icanw.org

+ Gem Romuld (Outreach Coordinator)

Gem Romuld joined the ICAN team in 2013. She has worked with various groups campaigning for a nuclear free future in Melbourne and Sydney, and produces the Radioactive Show at 3CR. She has degrees in communications and law and aims to convince civil society to demand a global ban on nuclear weapons!

Email: gem@icanw.org

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      “If Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr were alive today, they would be part of ICAN.”

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      “I salute ICAN for working with such commitment and creativity.”

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      “We can do it together. With your help, our voice will be made still stronger. Imagine peace.”

      Yoko Ono Artist

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      “Governments say a nuclear weapons ban is unlikely. Don’t believe it. They said the same about a mine ban treaty.”

      Jody Williams Nobel laureate

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      Hans Blix Weapons inspector

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      Dalai Lama Nobel laureate